Medical Marijuana Doctor Massachusetts

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MedMar Medical LLC  (DPH Reg. No. D11021) was formed to permit qualified patients to possess and use marijuana for medical purposes. Qualifying patients seeking to self-medicate with cannabis and to have access to dispensaries must possess a MA Department of Health (“DPH”) medical marijauna (“MMJ”) license.
To obtain an MMJ license, qualifying patients must be certified by a DPH registered medical provider. With the MedMar Medical issued certification code, a patient then has to register with the DPH in order to obtain or maintain an MMJ license.  We will provide written instructions on how to self-register through the MMJ Online System (See DPH 15-Step Registration).  If a patient is unable to self-register, we offer an optional service which will assist with the submission. We will submit all necessary documents, make the payment of the state fee (if required), and provide evidence of the submission.  Please see the fees for our services (Services and Fees).


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Medical Marijuana Doctor Massachusetts

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